Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I wish. I wish...

I wish that making zines was as easy as blogging. Sigh. Today was full of intentions and as we all know, yes, the road to hell is paved in gold. I was a bad girl. I skipped barter yoga and slept until noon. Yoga is usually at C.A.M.P. on Wednesdays at 10am if anyone wants to go.

Rebecca Rivas is writing an article on Wounded Bird/Cranky Yellow for the Vital Voice. So David and I answered a bunch of questions. Later we dressed up and posed for "timed" photos. Then Lyndsey dropped in to change into her Atnes costume for "May These Changes Make Us Light". A collaborative winter performance I'm involved with this upcoming weekend. She and Rebecca were filming a piece for the show.

For David's cameo appearance, he sat in the bathtub in the Cate Anevski Butcher Shop dressing room at Wounded/Cranky while Antes performed a ritual on him, saving his aura with a sage stick and love. Then she asked me a question and took away my sadness of loss. I felt surprisingly peaceful.

Rebecca ended up buying a purse from the shop so I was able to go out to eat with David and Casey Jones. Fish tacos on Cherokee. Yum. I'm one of those 12-year vegetarians who started eating fish because I lost my mind. Humans need Omega 3s. I spent the rest of the day procrastinating on Youtube at Cranky. They made me watch "2 Girls and a Cup". It wasn't that gross and I'm pretty sure they used moose or at the very least had really clean mouths afterwards. We also watched a bunch of tranny music videos you can watch below. Sin and Sebastian, Army of Lovers and Antony and the Johnsons. I also posted a video of Jayne (Wayne) County who paved the way for transsexual/queer musicians back in the late 70s. Glad the world is starting to transform in even the smallest ways. Remembering a time when videos like these weren't accessible and would have been considered obscene.

New Music Circle Presents: May These Changes Make Us Light
New City School Theater (5209 Waterman) St Louis
Sunday December 14th, 7pm
Saturday December 20th, 5pm & 7pm

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