Friday, December 12, 2008

on the riverfront

Artica is a strange event that I've attended several times since I moved to St Louis. This past year I was given grant to make a sculpture for the event.

In early Spring Konstantine and I dumpstered a foam divider from Wash U's dorm bail out (see photo). It was laying around my studio for months. I tried painting and covering it with fabric but tape was the only thing that worked at all. I spent a good 30 hours tearing tiny pieces of tape to make the screen. Cranky David and I did a 8 hour powwow one night and I don't think I would have finished without him.

At the event I did a Ghost I Have Been performance under the I-70 bridge with the dulcimer and some kids who showed up with didgery dos . Hugs to Jeremy Ghost Ice for making some rad tapes I played in conjunction and folks who free-formed on electronic toys. The droning of traffic, clanking of trains and rushing water make a breathtaking convergence. I think it was the best performance yet. Layed my tent close to the river that night and woke to a beautiful sunrise. Had groggy morning coffee at Mr McCormick's apron tent and went to breakfast at Eat-Rite with Cindy Tower, her friend and the beagle.


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