Friday, January 21, 2011

Embracing My 30s

The beginning of years is always an important time for me in regards to reflection and grounding for what's to come. I've never felt this strong and for once am not afraid of struggling to maintain it. All my gratitude to you my friends, family, the universe and everything that has aligned to help me through the continual process of grieving what's past.

As I look around my room at all the relics of heartfelt connections and interactions I've had I no longer see the past, I feel the present. This is who I am. All of the people I've loved, the things I've made, circumstances, memories, gifts, dreams, tears, all of it has built the future and informs the present.

This morning when I looked in the mirror- I saw reflected to me the person I've always felt I was in my heart but was not reflected by my age. Today I no longer see a young woman's reflection. I see the maturing woman I'm growing into. l see all of the gifts she's given the world in her youth, the sacrifices she's made to see them through and the empathy she carries. Because of this I love her and embrace this new decade. I am beautiful exactly as I am.