Monday, May 24, 2010

Guerrilla Girls speak at 2010 SAIC commencement

Annie and I crashed the 2010 SAIC commencement this past weekend. Here's a notebook scratched synopsis of gorilla masked “Kathe Kollwitz’s” advice to recent art institute graduates.

1. Be A Loser- You don’t have to be a director in the world of collaboration. Its not about egos.
2. Be Impatient- Put on your own shows and projects
3. Be the Change- Create what you want to see
4. Be Crazy:- Change minds in an outrageous way. If you can get someone who disagrees with you to laugh you have the agency to encourage thought.
5. Be Anonymous- Can’t believe what comes out of your mouth when you’re masked.
6. Be An Outsider- Look for back stories and hidden messages and then expose it.
7. Lead A Double Life- Be 4 or 5 in one body. Be a hybrid of an artist not a specialist
8. Just Do One Thing- If it works do another and another. Don’t be paralyzed keep chipping away.
9. Don’t Only Make Fine Art- Make cheep art that can be shared by everyone.
10. Sell Out- Don’t wonder if you lost your edge. Take your crit to a larger audience
11. Give Collectors & Institutions Tough Love- it’s a pity that museums depend on investors. If things keep going they way they are only white men’s work will be collected. Demand ethical standards. No more cookie cutter collections.
12. Don’t Be Corrupted by History- Write your own.
13. Complain- And be creative about it
14. Be Active- example: hang your own tags in fashion articles, post crits of museum directors, leave notes in books for readers, make anti-industry film fliers.
15. Use the “F” word
16. Be A Feminist- For decades the majority of art institute graduates have been women but too few are at the top. Speak up for minorities regardless of who you .
17. Be A Great Ape- And don’t be tamed. Where do “you” want to go?
18. Have Fun.