Tuesday, December 9, 2008

and so it begins.....

On December 6th years worth of collecting aimless amounts of old crap paid off. Well, not really but at least the traffic ticket I acquired while rushing wine to our opening can be paid for. David (Cranky Yellow) and I spent an intimate two weeks together tagging, hanging, bitching, promoting and not sleeping. One late night highlight was an excursion to regretfully, yes, Walmart. While I am not a fan of their cooperate practices, shitily made goods, and knack for running small businesses out of business. That night we were thankful we could buy hangers somewhere at 2am. As we were checking out with 100 hangers on each arm we were bombarded with hanger jokes from late night workers. "Have you had a bad day?" asks the counter lady. "Well, not really but it's been a long one." replies David. "Well, HANG in their son." says the counter lady smiling. Then as we walked out the door. "Got any HANGups?" asks the doorman.

By the way if you haven't checked out the "Party" section they have Grillz teeth for kids. Next to the hoosier teeth. I know which I would rather have. Bling baby.

Later in the week David and I ended up hanging out with this fabulous woman Weeb who was moving back to San Fran from St Lou. She gave David all the things she wouldn't be needing, mostly heaps of food and house stuffs. Apparently she also makes amazing holiday gifts including handmade all-natural lube. I heart her. We collaborated on a piece for the Melancholia show purchased by Arcadia's landlady Nina. Well, all I did was come up with an inappropriate title that we didn't use. So technically it was all Weeb. By the way, Nina is an incredible human being who gave me a roll of raffle tickets at this past year's Groove Fest when I working all day at a kid's booth with no visitors. Nina owns this fabulous sweater company called Skif and is a ray of inspiration. One her sweaters is in the Melancholia show or you can visit Skif in the Hill.

Wounded Bird is inside of Cranky Yellow. 2212 Cherokee Street. David is there Tuesday- Saturday 12-6pm. Come and see us.

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