Monday, January 19, 2009

Sunday. Sunday.

My new friend & neighbor Grace, who grew up in my hometown, came over for breakfast. We made sweet potatoes, ate farm eggs and leftover cupcakes. Went to a meeting and a rehersal for Waziriside. Spent some time in Arcadia building a set for a photograph that involves transforming Simiya into a dead rat. Thinking too much about scaly rat tails & not enough on doing dishes.


  1. Is that going to be the piece based on the dead rats story? Looks interesting, kind of fantastical and unreal.

  2. Yeah. The photo project is roughly based on an event that happened about 5 years ago. A former roomate's pet rats were brutally beheaded. It was a murderous rampage inflicted by a psychopathic and notably wasted ex-girlfriend of one the squatter kids living next door. Apparently one of my roomates (also wasted punk kids) were teasing this girl. She "reacted" by breaking into our house, decapitating two adorable little rats and flinging their blood all over the walls. Remembering that the cute black and white one was called Elvis. Her (ex)boyfriend and I scrubbed the walls and buried the rats in the backyard before my roomates got home in hopes of containing drama (and feelings). >>> While this is the inspiration for the piece, there are lots of themes surfacing as I continue to develop it. Most excited about constructing the rat costume. Still deliberating on materials for the tail.