Sunday, January 4, 2009


Pure happiness = Learning To Love You More. A website and project everyone should see. Thanks Harrell Fletcher and Miranda July.

assignment # 70- saying goodbye....

goodbye old socks, you're going in the trash not recycling
goodbye messy bed. I am making you.
goodbye grey skies
goodbye teary heartbroken eyes. We will see each other soon enough.
goodbye Sunday night, it's Monday morning!
goodbye moldy tomatoes & wilting lettuce
goodbye Wally, Grandma & Grandpa Thoenen, Grandpa Hemeyer, Aunt Paulen, Hannah Dog, Nelson & Marvin.
goodbye visiting friends
goodbye Columbia.
goodbye fear of bikes & centipedes
goodbye paycheck, my landlords thank you.
goodbye warm days and please come back soon.
goodbye holiday free time
goodbye sweet Peter. Thank you.
goodbye dirty bathroom.
goodbye old Cranky Yellow
goodbye procrastination.
goodbye hating on things I really love
goodbye to the fishes that passed through my belly this week
goodbye self-loathing
goodbye Alyssa, Fin, Konstantin, Raulf, Monica, Billy, Dan & Trish.
goodbye winter, yeah right.
goodbye Royce, you were the best roommate I never had.
goodbye stability. I need a jolt soon.
goodbye over-analyzing mind.
goodbye piles of papers
goodbye saying goodbye.

This feels really good!!!


  1. I just saw you called me a bunch. I'm crazy sick and have been in bed sleeping.

    Goodbye sickness. (I wish)

    I'll call you soon, when I'm better.

  2. that is sweeter than a newborn baby! ohhh so soft!