Sunday, April 18, 2010

Chautauqua Art Lab 2010

Chautauqua Art Lab (CQAL) 2010
Learn, Include, Collaborate, Constillate.

In its second year, the Chautauqua Art Lab is an annual week long
grassroots city-wide arts festival, free university and artist parade. Connecting 30+ innovative makers, thinkers and doers from throughout St Louis and the US.

Calender of FREE Events:

Saturday May 1st

People's Joy Parade Make Day
Location: CAMP aka Community Arts & Movement Project
Address: 3022A Cherokee Street
Time: 12-4pm
People's Joy Parade Prep at the Finder's Hive. Tweak your get-up or make a funny hat or mask with help from some great local artists! Fun and free for all ages.

Sunday May 2nd
A. Cherokee Street Walkabout
Location: Leaving from the Mud House
Address: 2101 Cherokee Street
Time: 3-5pm
On this historic tour we'll explore Cherokee's artist-run spaces, quirky shops, community programs while greeting a menagerie of characters throughout our journey.

B.Celia's Footbeat Choir Rehearsal

Location: CAMP
Address: 3022A Cherokee Street
Time: 5-6pm

Join up with the most rockin choir in St Louis. All ages welcome to sing and dance with Celia in the upcoming People's Joy Parade.

Monday May 3rd
Electromechanical Bliss Sideshow
Location: Floating Laboratories & Arcadia Studios
Address: 4528 Ohio, Studio R
Time: 7- 11pm
Evening of visual, audio and guttural performances and installation. Sideshow goers are invited to explore and interact with constructed environments throughout.

A. St Louis based artists: Larva, Mike Stasny(performance), Kevin Harris (video installation), Ghosts I Have Been (sound), Cindy Tower (visual installation), Robert Long (sculpture), Keith Buckholz (Fluxus performance, Mike Pagano (installation), SPORE Projects & More.

B. Fluxus Legends: Crank Sturgeon & Matt Taggart

C. Of Chicago: Tiger Hatchery & Lechuguillas

*suggested $5-10 donation for touring artists

Tuesday May 4th
Community Arts Panel & Open Laptop
Location: Urban Studios
Address: 2815 North 14th Street
Time: 6-10pm
Imaginative community projects and programs presented by the folks who make them happen. Additional projects welcome. Just bring what you got to the Open Laptop.

Facilitated by Emily Hemeyer (SPORE)

Guests: Ann Huebrich (CAT program), Emily Task (Brown School of Social Work), Stan Chisholm (Money Bags Project), Claire Wollf (Urban Studios), Nita Turnage (Artica), Irene Compedre (CAMP & Cherokee REaLGarden),Dail Chambers (Yeyo Arts), Kara Clark Holland (Public Spaces Picnic Project) & Brea McAnally (Moss Painting Project & Luminary Center)

Wednesday May 5th
Media, Urbanism & the Built Environment
Location: Open Lot
Address: 1310 S 18th Street (Lafayette Sq)
Time: 7-10pm
A roundtable conversation about the opportunities and complexities of online media pertaining to urbanism, architecture, preservation and politics in St. Louis

Facilitated by Jordan Hicks

Guests: Michael Allen (Ecology of Absence), Antonio French (Pub Def), Toby Weiss (BELT), Alex Ihnen (Urban STL) & Rick Bonasch (STL Rising)

Thursday May 6th
{{Programing Break}}
Pecha Kucha Night!!!}}
Location: Mad Art Gallery

Address: 2727 S. 12th Street
Time: 7-10pm

Held internationally Pecha Kucha night is a monthly program featuring locatl artists, entrepreneurs, designers and other people with bold or crazy ideas will show them off on 20 slides each.

Friday May 7th

Old Tyme Hoedown, Revival & Picnic
Location: Mrs MacCormicks Yard
Address: 2917 Texas (Benton Park)
Time: 7-12pm
A community picnic with eclectic performances, auspicious installations & all-around revelry.

Hosted by Charles & Charlot Douglas-Book

Event will be photographed for local artist Kara Clark Holland's Picnic Project.

A. Local performers: Bangggerang (new skool jamboree), Kungfu Chicken (noise soul), Audry Simes (improv movement), Firedog (love-o-rama) & more TBA

B. Hearding Cats Collective founders: Rich O Donnell, Anna Lum, Ryan Harris create rick instrumental expression and haunting soundscapes.

C. Mikal Shapiro, spirited singer/songwriter from KC

D. Chris Marshall, Chicago based fiddler/violinist and great-grandson of original Chautauqua magician Al Baker.

*Feel free to bring yummy edibles, delicious drinks, fantastical costumes, & instruments for merry making

Saturday May 8th

A. Cherokee Street People’s Joy Parade!!!
Location:Cinco de Mayo)on Cherokee Street
Address: Black Forest Parkinglot
Time: Meet at noon. Parade starts at 1:11pm

The People’s Joy Parade is a grassroots menagerie of crepe paper float makers, home made costume fashionistas, b-boys/girls, midnight minstrels, Gigante puppeteers, art cars, bike brigades, moving installation artists, Elvis impersonators, cardboard bricoleurs, rainbow dancers, knights of St. Louis, drag queens, beat making marching bands, Mexican wrestlers, robot makers, Virgin of Guadalupe’s, and any lost members of the Missouri tribe. Because… parades recognize the importance of the people who make up a community.

All are welcome to participate!
Parade Contact: Sarah Paulsen- or Lyndsey Scott-

2. Cinco de Mayo Celebration

Location: Cherokee Street
Address: between Nebraska & Iowa
Time: 11am - 9:30pm

A lively neighborhood celebration and
street festival featuring diverse live musical
performances, dedicated artists, delicious authentic
food and drinks, a multitude of exhibitors, St Louis’s
only artist parade & otherworldly street entertainers.

3. The Party After the Party

Location: AVD+EVAD Art & Design
Address: 2834 Cherokee
Time: 8pm - ?

Hosted by Amy VanDonsel & David Burnett

Featuring: DJs Thomas Crone, Grace Woodard,
Mark Siebels, Jamie Toon, Shawn Gaston, & Daniel Shown

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